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Welcome to Musica Art

juli 2nd, 2010


 Welcome to Musica Art and vocalsucces.com 2022 - due to the pandemic in the world we serve you through online meetings and offer professional education (individual training, small and large groups): singing, piano, ear master training, choir class, vocal traning, coaching - please find a solution for you and your family, your business or institution, we teach and inspire all ages. Contact: +45 23303108 and e-mail: info[a]musicaart.dk.

Do you feel passion and inspiration in your work and life? Reduce stress level and let music and wellness support your daily life.

Do you want more happiness, music and adventure in your life? Start singing in a choir, research has now proved that singing is as powerful as meditation, yoga and mindfulness. Try one of our many music products and start your journey to inner balance, joy and more fun and energy in your daily life.

Does your economy thrive and develop? Business coaching is a strong catalyst in building a successful financial future or manage through a temporary crisis.

Are the most important areas of your life balanced - health, economy, love, relationships, work, fun, visions for the future? Try our life, music or business coaching. Learn time management, learn creative tools and build a healthy economical structure now and to secure your future and family. Learn to create your own visionboard.

Our culturel business serve smaller and larger businesses, educational institutions, media and private clients.  We offer fundraising, coaching products, vocal training, music products, publishing, consulting and develop research within the music and media arena. Clients have found new knowledge, longterm visions, strategic advice and business consulting with new solutions, better management and teamwork.

Our music institute serves a great need for children, young persons and adults to fulfil their musical dreams, develop confidence and selfexpression. We train young musicians, speakers, tv- and radio hosts, composers, students and amateur music lovers. Singing, piano, choir, workshops, lectures.

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Our projects serve and contribute in inspiring the music culture in Denmark: innovation, research, fundraising, online and digital teaching products, promotion and marketing for B2B f.i. businessess, orchestras, musicians, media, music libraries, archives and institutions.

Musica Art is involved in several projects in collaboration with media- and education institutions, we collaborate with large as well as small companies and participate in several professional networks in Denmark and global via the internet.

Contact Agneta Mei Hytten (Tel / sms +45 23303108) to find out more about fundraising, knowledge, culture and education products or send to: info[a]musicaart.dk.

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